Published Writing

I occasionally write for audiences beyond my blog, usually on the topic of diversity in tech. Some recent examples:


Revisiting Reset

September 18, 2018 ・ Seattle Review of Books

I reviewed Ellen Pao’s Reset for the one-year anniversary of its publication. This book felt deeply personal when I first read it. A year later, we’ve seen #metoo/#timesup and a wave of cynicism about tech elitism and Silicon Valley culture. We’ve even seen setbacks for the specific venture capital firm that Pao so famously took to court. Today, Reset feels like the tip of a spear that is still in the process of sinking into its target.

untitled short essay

September 9, 2018 ・ The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times solicited short essays from a handful of technical women associated with the University of Washington, as part of their coverage of the controversial statements made by a UW computer science lecturer about women in computing.  

My published contribution was adapted from my original blog response to the lecturer's essay.

Why I Code

November 6, 2017 ・ Moms Can Code

Moms Can Code is a community of women learning coding and other tech skills. They profile various women already established in tech as a way of demonstrating the variety of opportunities that tech offers. I was honored to be highlighted in a brief profile.